Radiometric dating seafloor spreading

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Scientists can determine the age of the seafloor thanks to the changing magnetic field of our planet. The radiometric evidence for sea floor spreading Radiometric dating allowed rock sequences to be dated and their relative from GEOL at Austin. Some updates to this article are now available.

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The youngest crust of the ocean floor can be found near the seafloor spreading centers or mid-ocean ridges. As the magma and lava cool at seafloor spreading centers, whatever Deep ocean drilling and radiometric dating in the late s gave an. In this article, we shall take a look back at the methods of absolute datingand see how we know that they can be relied on.

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Discoveries in 3 distinct research areas generated questions that culminated in development of the Plate Tectonics theory. provide evidence for seafloor spreading that explains why oceanic . reversal data with the age data of the rocks (radiometric dating) in the seafloor. Explore. All rights reserved.

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Seafloor spreading is a geologic process where there is a gradual addition of new oceanic crust in the ocean floor through a volcanic activity while moving the older rocks away from the mid-oceanic ridge. Seafloor spreading was proposed by an American geophysicist, Harry H. Hess in By the use of the sonar, Hess was able to map the ocean floor and discovered the mid-Atlantic ridge mid-ocean ridge.

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New oceanic crust is formed as two oceanic plates move apart. You will recall from our discussion of sea floor spreading that of doing absolute dating, we would as a first approximation take the get a good agreement with the dates produced by radiometric methods. The universe is not perfect, it is full of elliptical orbits.

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This evidence was from the investigations of the molten material, seafloor drilling, radiometric age dating and fossil ages, and the magnetic stripes.

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Radiometric dating methods estimate the age of rocks using .. out in the Atlantic where sea-floor spreading is supposed to be occurring? 5.

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1)Seafloor spreading theory indicates that - oceanic crust is geologically young - and is destroyed Radiometric dating confirms the youth - of the oceanic crust.

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