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It was two days before Poppy Coleman realised what had happened — leaving her just hours to do these crucial things. When a friend recently told me she peed out a condom, I had many questions. How long had it been stuck inside her? (A few days.) How did. I take the pill, and, most of the time, he'll use a condom when we have sex.

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When we were having sex, my boyfriend pulled out and the condom stuck inside of me. How to remove a stuck condom Picture: Getty Images/ If the condom is in your vagina, you'll need to activate the muscles you'd. Sometimes, a condom can fall off during sex and get stuck inside the body.

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This is a rare occurrence, so it's unlikely to happen again. The condom got stuck inside of me. Mar 21, Chances are, it's become lodged at the top of your vaginal canal near your cervix. To better. Having sex means mentally preparing yourself for all manner of potentially messy situations.

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So you had a nice sex sesh, finished up, and then realised that somehow the condom your partner used managed to slip off and get wedged inside. First off, remain calm. This is good advice in general, but it does actually serve a purpose beyond making you feel less frazzled. If you find yourself in a mad rush of panic, take a break from thinking about the condom debacle entirely and come back to it in a bit.

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If you have a condom stuck inside, lie on your Insert one or two fingers into your vagina.

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Stacey* had no idea that her boyfriend's condom had slipped off inside of her during sex. "My partner, Gary* and I use two methods of birth.

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That condom needs an exit strategy - stat! At first, you may not even realise that a condom is lurking around inside your vagina, similar to the.

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My boyfriend and I had sex last night and used a condom. If a condom slips off inside your vagina, semen can spill out and cause pregnancy.

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