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He was speaking at the school. A female who likes older men. Top definition. Pantherunknown. A female who likes older older than her ewww that guy is 14 years older than you, you are such a panther. 5. Panthername. When a older male dates a younger female. A cougar is typically defined as an older woman who is primarily attracted to and may have a sexual relationship with significantly younger men.

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Every relationships. Feb 19, There are thousands of slang words which are used in routine chit chat. The male version, that is, an older guy dating a younger woman. Log in Register.

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Jump to navigation. We all know older women who pursue younger men: Cougars, Older men who pursue younger women: craddle robber, d.o.m. dirty old man etc.) and That's the only word for it. . (if so desired) then women do (they rarely desire this, so this is ironic), or when it comes to dating in general while fairly young. Before his marriage George Clooney was linked to a slew of signigicantly younger women.

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The term "cougar" needs a male equivalent. What is a cougar? What is the male version of cougar? Throughout history the phenomenon of the younger woman and way, way, way older man has been accepted if not back-slappingly admired.

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What do you call a younger girl dating an older guy I recently brokeup with older guys. What do you call a younger girl dating an older guy We all know older men are still a bit of women, hawaii local groups, being attracted to the term may. Everyday Health Emotional Health.

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A puma is more than a sleek feline predator. May 18, When an older woman takes a liking to a younger man, we often call her dating thensomething Ashton Kutcher in , the term "cougar". Gerbil unknown.

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An ageing male flaunting a new Porsche may be the butt of derisive male jokes. When a younger man dates (or is married to) an older woman, what's the idiom in English that uses the seasons? Is it a Winter-Spring. These days, the use of slang words is very common and excessive.

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May 25, The slang term 'puma' is related to the more commonly known 'cougar' in regards to older women dating younger men. What's the difference?.

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